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Essential Spanish Translations, LLC

Translating a novel is like writing an entire new one. And in order to do a good job of translating a novel, one has to know both languages extremely well. My Master of Science degree in the Spanish language, years of teaching the language, as well as years of reading Spanish novels and stories (and English novels, of course!) uniquely qualify me to translate faithfully either your novel, if you are an author looking for a translator, or any novel that I choose to translate on my own. That is why I created,
Essential Spanish Translations, LLC.

Translating your novel from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish will open you up to a market of hundreds of millions of people who will be able to read your works, so translating your novel is well-worth the investment.

Translations can be done from Spanish to English and from English to Spanish. Your translation needs will be properly discussed from the outset of our working relationship and a flawless translation suited to your audience will be achieved. The driving philosophy of my service is one of direct contact and continued communication throughout the translation process.

My goal is to help make the USA a truly multi-lingual nation. I love teaching, and will continue to do that, but by translating novels into Spanish I will be helping many more people. As well, translating Spanish literary works into English will allow me to help many more individuals to appreciate Spanish literature and more of Latin-American and Iberian Peninsula Spanish culture. Translating your novel, whether from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English, will help in the realization of that goal. The world is getting to be a smaller place all the time and it is essential that more of us become multi-lingual so that people can communicate in a productive and healthy manner, not impeded by the lack of language skills.

Along with translating novels of current-day authors, as part of my work here at Essential Spanish Translations, LLC, 
I will also be translating novels on my own, working on novels in the public domain that interest me and which I believe will be of interest to and benefit my readers.
Any suggestions will be appreciated!


"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible" 

"La única manera de descubrir los límites de lo posible es aventurarse más allá de ellos hacia lo imposible." 

 - Arthur Blake, British science fiction author, inventor and futurist. 
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